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At NutriBites™ we have an ongoing commitment to your pet’s health and safety from reliable and sustainable ingredients sourcing and processing to safe finished product delivery. We are proud to own and operate in our facility in BC Canada and have been awarded an array of high-ranking certifications such as SQF level 3 and CFIA certification. 

We use a strict hold and test policy on all our NutriBites™ freeze-dried treats, to ensure every batch meets not only our strictest quality guidelines but also yours and your pets as well. This means that for every batch that is made we use a certified third-party lab to ensure the integrity of the product before it is ever released from our plant. 

We are listening, considering, and solving any problem your pets experience on NutriBites™ treats by offering a “90 Days Purchase Price Back” policy because we are committed to delivering the best product and service to all our customers in the world.

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