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Technology Questions

1. What are NutriBites™ freeze-dried pet treats? Any difference from other pet treats? /Why choose NutriBites™ freeze-dried pet treats over others? What are benefits?

NutriBites™ freeze-dried pet treats uses freeze-drying technology which is the process of dehydrating frozen beef liver/chicken meat/salmon meat under a vacuum condition that removes moisture and eliminates bacteria from it, and the reason to choose freeze-dried pet treats is because it retains natural taste, aroma, and nutrition of the ingredient, achieves long-shelf life without refrigeration, and is light weight and portable to handle and carry.

Product Questions

1. How much vitamin B12, iron, and zinc are contained in the freeze-dried beef liver?

Freeze-drying process removes almost all the water from the materials. Some natural Vitamins including Vitamin B12 may be lost during the drying processes & storage, so the vitamin B12 level is changing due to different batches of raw materials & storing time.  We did have a test record of vitamin B12, it's at 95µg/100g level. For Iron and Zinc, according to the USDA database, the iron level should be around 0.17mg/100g, zinc level should be around 0.14mg/100g.

Feeding Questions

1. How to properly feed NutriBites™ freeze-dried pet treats to my pets?

Please follow the feeding guideline and check the Guarantee Analysis and Calorie Content.

Service Questions

1. Does NutriBites have freeze-dried meals available for dogs and cats?

Unfortunately, not available at this moment. 

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