SQF Certificate

Canature Processing

What is SQF:

SQF is a food safety standard recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). GFSI has approved SQF as one of the benchmarked schemes that meet their stringent requirements for food safety management systems. This recognition means that companies implementing SQF can demonstrate compliance with GFSI's global standards, enhancing their credibility and market access.


Canature is committed to producing the best quality pet food. Having this in mind, Canature’s quality department control and monitor each step of pet food production and has SQF Level 3 for Food Safety and Quality. This safe and quality food product consists of Purchasing Raw materials, manufacturing, and shipping. Our facilities have achieved an "Excellent" SQF Food Safety rating and an SQF Quality Certification which is globally recognized. Internal and Third Party Testings from Start to Finish.

Certificate Number:

SuperPet # 47787     (audit rating: 97%)

AFD Processing # 12502   (audit rating: 96%)

Canature Kitchen # 67594  (audit rating: 96%)